God of War Ragnarok still expected for this year, confirms Jason Schreier

After a trailer to much fanfare during last September’s PlayStation Showcase, God of War Ragnarok has since been particularly discreet. A silence such that some worried fans are already talking about the possibility of a new release delay for the Santa Monica Studio blockbuster, expected this year, but which could then go to 2023… A concern which would nevertheless be unfounded: the continuation of the god of war from 2016 would still be expected on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this year 2022.

This confirmation comes straight from renowned American journalist and insider Jason Schreier, well known to our readers for his numerous leaks, files and breaking news published on behalf of the Bloomberg site.

God of War Ragnarok still on the way for 2022?

Schreier confirmed the news not in a tweet or an article, but in a most succinct message posted on the Reddit discussion site. Specifically, in a topic created by a user of the r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, one of the video game industry’s hubs of information and leaks.

This user in question, visibly worried about the radio silence from Sony and Santa Monica Studios on the upcoming release of God of War Ragnarok, wonders if the game could be about to be officially postponed until next year… To which Schreier, in a certain phlegm, simply replies “Nope”. The answer could hardly be clearer.

It is unclear whether Schreier was speaking here as a journalist or simply a video game enthusiast, but his status within the industry-related media makes it difficult to make unceremonious statements given the influence of the many revelations he has been able to make over the past few years.

Initially expected for 2021, God of War Ragnarwherek was delayed to this year in large part due to the impact of the health crisis on its development—but also the health concerns of Christopher Judge, the now-famous vocalist of Kratos among gamers.

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