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God of War’s art director does the manga credit

When the DA of God of War, known for his realism, models the characters of Dragon Ball Z, we can only applaud.

Released in 2018, the fourth opus of God of war has been multi-awarded and critically acclaimed, especially for its extraordinary and so far unmatched graphics. The visual beauty of the title is in part due to its artistic director, Raf Grassetti. On Twitter, the developer thanks us for his creations which sometimes revisit certain classics of pop culture, the proof is with these more than successful models of characters from Dragon ball z.

The manga Dragon Ball, initiated in 1984, has been an integral part of the childhood and adolescence of several generations of players and anime fans. On the image shared by the graphic designer, we easily recognize the characters Freeza, Boo, Cell, Mister Satan, Chaozu, Piccolo or even Dabra, among others. Larger than life, one could believe in a live action adaptation of the anime with a result as stunning as with God of war.

A true jack of all trades, Raf Grassetti has also indulged in several other adaptations, including a female version of Iron Man, which Marvel could soon tear away, as well as the complete revisit of the characters of X-Men. If ever a game should come out with a few of these characters, on our side we know who we would call.

We are waiting for news

This is reminiscent of a Wolverine game was announced a few months ago, by Insomniac Games, the studio behind the games. Ratchet & Clank and Spiderman. If not Santa Monica Studio, at work in God of war, we can nevertheless expect an equivalent visual quality from another PlayStation studio.

On the side of God of war, let us also remember that we are waiting for the opus Ragnarok firm footing after the unprecedented success of the component released in 2018. It still has no official release date, but is expected in 2022. We should have more news in the coming months.

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