Godfall will be leaving its PlayStation exclusive for Xbox and Steam in April 2022

After 18 months of exclusivity, Godfall will leave the prerogative of PlayStation consoles and the Epic Games Store to run aground on Xbox and Steam consoles, announces its developer Counterplay Games. The studio took the opportunity to unveil a first trailer for the new version of the game, soberly titled Godfall: Ultimate Edition, which is scheduled for release early next month.

Godfall pays a console tour

It is more precisely on April 7 that Godfall: Ultimate Editionn will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam. As its sober name suggests, theUltimate Edition will combine all content from the previous Ascended Edition — thus including the expansion Fire & Darkness, but also several cosmetic skins like weapons and gold armor, as well as a unique title intended for multiplayer mode – in addition to pre-order bonuses. LogicallyGodfall: Ultimate Edition will take advantage of his time at Microsoft to add compatibility with new next-gen capabilities, such as Variable Refresh Rate and Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Next April 7 will also mark the launch of the update Exaltedreal gust restoration expected for Godfall. This update promises to overhaul the game’s combat system in depth in order to make it more fluid, with new timings for the game’s weapons. Exalted also promises to significantly improve inventory management, with the ability to save 3 custom builds, and review story progression by removing the Sigil system. The update Exalted will be available on all game platforms.

Released in November 2012, Godfall was among the launch line-up of the PlayStation 5, the first real next-gen game to land for Sony’s console. This is the second achievement for the Counterplay Games studio, a studio with several former developers of Destiny 2. This action-RPG with hack’n’slash saviors, largely inspired by Diablo et consort, impressed by its technique and its patina all in pyrotechnic effects… But did not shine neither by its originality, nor by its gameplay.

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