Going to see the Minions in a suit is now forbidden

It’s not a bad joke worthy of the movie but a real rule: it’s no longer possible to go in a suit for the movie The Minions 2, but why?

Minions are an integral part of the culture itself for a few years now. The little characters from the French studio Illuminations are often highlighted on the profiles of Facebook users over 40 through rather awkward jokes. Now, young people are reclaiming the mascots of Me, Despicable Me and come to wreak havoc in cinemas.

Even Minions know how to behave better

A new trend called “Gentle Minions” invaded Twitter and TikTok since the release of the film, but above all disrupts the smooth running of the sessions of the animated feature film. The goal of this movement is simple: come to the cinema in formal paraphernalia and watch the film like gentlemen who know how to appreciate a vintage film such as Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru.

However, beyond a simple joke to make views on social networks, the behavior of the participants is sometimes indecent. Some videos reveal young people clapping and screaming in dark rooms, without any restraint. Where the enthusiasm of the fans can be understandable on certain blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity War Where Endgamethe objective of recreating this hype for this film has a simple purpose of buzz and not to take advantage of the moment.


#stitch with @wixmovs people do way too many deranged things in the name of social media #gentleminions #minions #gru #cinema #minionsriseofgru

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Families then found themselves at the cinema in sessions where the police had to intervene as the mess was total. With popcorn left on the floor and venues in disrepair, some establishments had to take the lead. They purely and simply prohibited access to the sessions to people in formal attire. This is particularly the case ODEON cinemas in the UK who have all banned this TikTok fashion. However, on the side of Universal, the reaction is different:

To all those who show up to the Minions sessions in a suit: we see you and we love you.

Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru released Wednesday, July 6 in France, the opportunity to find the mascots of Illuminations in this second prequel telling the story of the Minions and the young Gru. The film has already grossed $200 million at the box office in its first weekend since its release last week in select countries around the world.

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