Gollum” should not stay true to Tolkien’s work

Lord of the Rings fans will soon be able to discover a new video game that is part of the franchise universe. Entitled Lord of the Rings: Gollum, this game will be available this year 2022. And as its title suggests, it will focus on the story of Gollum.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum will allow players to guide this character. It is said that they will have the possibility to choose between his two personalities. Gamers will therefore have the choice between the violent personality of Gollum and the calmer side of Sméagol. This aspect of the game is one of the major elements of its gameplay.

And according to the sources, for the players’ choices to really matter, the game would have to not remain completely faithful to Tolkien’s work.

No surprise effect?

Most Lord of the Rings fans already know Gollum’s fate. Indeed, his story is told in the books and films of the franchise. If the game therefore remains faithful to the story written by JRR Tolkien, there will be no more surprise effects.

The choices of the players would no longer be relevant. Indeed, if the story of Lord of the Rings: Gollum follows the same trajectory as Tolkien’s, no matter what gamers decide, Gollum will always meet the same end. Unfortunately, this would really risk spoiling the experience for players.

A game in a separate universe

If the fate of Gollum remains all traced in the game, the choices of the players would no longer be of any use. For example, even if the gamer opts for the personality of Sméagol, that would not prevent Gollum from taking the ring from Frodo. And we know that after this act, he ends up falling from Mount Destiny.

And if the player chooses to go for Gollum’s personality, it wouldn’t change much of Tolkien’s story. Gandalf is known to appear in Lord of the Rings: Gollum. And even if the gamer wanted to attack him in his sleep, that would do nothing. Indeed, Gandalf always appears in the Lord of the Rings. So we already know there’s no way Gollum will kill him.

According to our sources, the best for the game would be that it takes place in its own universe.

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