Good news for free to play fans, Epic Games will continue to offer free titles in 2022

The game publisher Epic Games regularly distributes free games. Moreover, it is one of the strengths of the company. In an article, the company claims that during this year 2022, it will continue to offer free games.

It also claims that the offer is valid for games already offered in the past such as Control, Civilization VI or even Grand Theft Auto V. These are the top three best-selling games that the company has been able to record.

Epic did not give more details on the next games it will offer but it reassures its users that they will not be disappointed. The company is also renowned for developing good games.

Epic is the gaming market leader

In 2021, Epic Games doubled its 2020 revenue purely from the number of games it sold. Indeed, the number of games available on the platform has risen to 917 games and the number of users has crossed 194 million with an increase of 34 million compared to the year 2020. In 2021, Epic Games recorded a figure business of $840 million.

The company promises to add new features to its play store so that users don’t miss out on what’s new. The upcoming updates thus promise to be stunning as they will allow users to prioritize downloads and improve the speed and performance of the Epic Games launcher. Besides, the company has received quite a few complaints about the management of libraries and downloads. But Epic Games is committed to fixing these issues as soon as possible.

The company offers weekly games

In order to reward the many users for their trust, the company has decided to offer free games. Each week, the company selects a new game to highlight. Epic recently decided to release Daemon X Machina which is a mechanical action game. This game is available for the week of January 27 through February 3.

For starters, the company is offering a discount of up to 75% with additional $10 coupons on all purchases over $15. This discount is applicable until February 10.


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