Google Assistant can now retrieve all your contact information

Google continues to strengthen the synergy between its various services and applications. This Tuesday, October 11, the Mountain View company has just launched a new version of Google Contact offering better integration of Google Assistant. Explanations.

google assistant contacts

Even though Google Assistant’s Car mode has just closed its doors, the firm continues to strengthen the integration of Google Assistant with its most popular services and applications. Last week, Google’s voice assistant was integrated with Google Calendar and Google Tasks so you can easily create reminders or events using voice commands.

This Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the Mountain View firm offers a new version of the Google Contacts application, the company’s address book management tool. This reworked version offers above all better Google Assistant integration.

To put it simply, the app now displays a section dedicated to Google Assistant. From this tab, you will be able to access all the information that the voice assistant has on all your contacts. You will find a lot of information there such as the date of birth, the relationship you have with this contact (girlfriend, mother, boss, etc.), the name you give him, his address and the pronunciation of his name.

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google assistant contacts

All Google Assistant info now in Contacts

In this way, it is easier for users to spot contacts associated with Google Assistant that need an update. You can add these details manually by going to the contact. Google Assistant then saves them automatically.

Tapping the manage settings button on this new tab takes you to the Your Contacts page in Google Assistant settings. Here it is possible to add other contact associations, or to create a family group linked to your Google account (which includes your mother, father, etc.).

According to blog editor Esper Mishaal Rahman, the new version of Google Contacts is being rolled out all over the world. Upon downloading the update, you should see a pop-up indicating that Assistant information is now available in Google Contacts.

Source: Android Police

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