Google Assistant’s Car mode shuts down, find out what the alternatives are

Recently, Google seems to be shutting down services related to voice control one by one. Last function to go to the guillotine: the Car mode of Google Assistant. Android drivers have fewer and fewer options when it comes to guidance apps. But apparently the choice was already made.

Google is a company notorious for building as many apps as they let go. Today we learn that Assistant’s car mode goes down the drain. As its name suggests, it allows you to read and send messages, make calls or even control your multimedia content using voice commands when you’re driving. This service will not last long, since it was deployed barely a year ago. The feature was meant to replace the Android Auto smartphone app, which disappeared a year ago.

Between the Android Auto app in the dashboard, which has been around for 7 years, the mobile app, which no longer exists, and the Google Assistant Car mode, which will disappear, and the Google Maps car mode , there is something to get a little lost. To add to the confusion, Google initially announced that only the Map feature of Assistant Mode was to be removed from the Car Mode homepage. Alas, it is indeed the entire Car mode which is withdrawn from circulation, barely a year after being entered track via Android 12.

Android drivers will have to make do with Google Maps or Waze in Android Auto

Google Assistant’s Car mode will officially close on November 21, 2022. Drivers who wish to continue using a Google app for their navigation needs will be able to either use Android Auto, whose future interface will offer more personalization than Apple CarPlay, the car mode of Google Maps on their smartphone. It is apparently this mode that is favored by motorists, since according to company data, the majority of people go more readily through the mapping application than through Google Assistant. It’s true that Google Maps has become so ubiquitous that with the exception of Waze, one of the most widely used GPS devices in the world, few other navigation apps can compete with it.

Google Assistant’s Car mode is therefore added to the long list of services and products that Google will have abandoned for lack of success with the public. The Mountain View giant is multiplying initiatives in the field of software, but also in the field of smartphones and accessories. The company is in the news right now with its new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones which introduce a revolutionary feature to deblur your photos.

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