Google CEO Sundar Pichai already wears a Pixel Watch on his wrist

After a first presentation last May, the PixelWatch should be the highlight of the conference Made by Google 2022. The knocking of Google even revealed itself in advance and on the go… on the wrist of Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google! Sundar Pichai was indeed present during the Conference Code 2022 for an interview with Kara Swisher, and many observers especially noticed the watch that the CEO of Google wore on his wrist. Obviously, the smart watch by Pichai is indeed a Pixel Watch gold version with Lemongrass strap, a model already featured on the Google site!

Pixel Watch Pichai

This very controlled leak undoubtedly proves that the Pixel Watch must already be in stock somewhere in China, and that everything will be ready for the marketing scheduled (by rumors) on October 13. As a reminder, there will be two variants of the Pixel Watch, one model supporting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and the other model supporting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth as well as 4G. The price of this model would be 399 dollars, the same price as an Apple Watch Series 7 (Wi-Fi version).

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