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Google Drive blocks sharing of files considered spam

Google Drive continues to innovate in the fight against spam. Indeed, Google’s storage service will now send email notifications when one of your files is considered spam. Its access will then be restricted, and it will be impossible to share it with other users.

Over the years, Google has focused on developing Google Drive and regularly offering new features to its cloud storage service. Dark mode is for example available since September 2020 on iOS and Android, while it is possible to directly edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the application.

Recently, the manufacturer has focused on the fight against spam. In July 2021, the company launched a new anti-spam tool, including preventing a user from sharing content with you in the future, or preventing a user from sharing content with you in the future. delete all files shared by another user.

And this Wednesday, December 15, 2021, Google has announced something new about its anti-spam systems. Thus, when a Google Drive file is identified as violating the terms of use of the service or of Google in general, it may be subject to certain restrictions.

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Google Drive blocks files suspected of being spam

First, a logo in the shape of a flag will be affixed to the file in question, to let you know that something is wrong. At the same time, Google will send an email notification to the owner of the file to inform them of the action taken. This email will contain a link to the terms of use of the firm and its program to fight against abuse on the net. Thereby, users will be able to try to determine why their file has been sanctioned.

When a document is restricted, it is not deleted. The creator / owner can still access and modify it as they wish, however it will be impossible to share it with other people. In addition, access links sent to other users will also be deactivated.

Note that it will be possible to appeal Google’s decision and request a review, in case it is an error on the part of the web giant. The procedure will be directly included in the company’s warning email. According to Google, the deployment of this functionality will be done gradually over the next 15 days, as of Tuesday, December 14, 2021. It will be available for all Google Workspace customers, as well as for G Suite Basic and Business Customers.

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