Google has chosen its side

The web giant has taken strong measures to protect the right of American women to self-determination.

Since the repeal of Executive Order Roe v. Wade, the role of GAFAM in the disclosure of certain personal information worries the defenders of the right to abortion. Several gynecological monitoring applications have already announced that they will strengthen their security, in particular by offering end-to-end encryption, or an option to delete all recorded data with a single click. This time, it’s Google’s turn to give its opinion on the case.

Google wants to protect sensitive data

Last Friday, Google announced via a blog post a series of “additional measures to protect user privacy regarding health issues“. In concrete terms, the American firm will automatically delete data likely to cause harm to Internet users about abortion. As a first step, Google will automatically delete browsing histories involving establishments deemed sensitive.

Are particularly concerned, the “counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, abortion clinics, fertility centers, addiction treatment centers, weight loss clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics“. All these places will be automatically defined by the company, and deleted from the history. In a press release, Google also recalls that the history of positions is deactivated by default, and that it is always possible to delete the data from the account settings (we explain how right here).

For its part, Fitbit should also strengthen its security measures, by allowing delete multiple menstruation logs with one tap, instead of just one at a time usually. A way for Internet users promises the brand to more easily control their personal data. More generally, Google has also committed to “protect our users from inappropriate government requests for data, and we will continue to oppose overly broad or otherwise legally objectionable requests“.

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