Google improves its search engine to help you find the best products

Google continues to improve its search engine. This time around, the Mountain View firm has focused its efforts on the product review ranking system on Google Search. Through this new update, the company has added new criteria, so that users can find the best products more easily.

Over the years, Google continues to improve its flagship search engine, used by billions of people around the world. In 2020, Google Search, for example, has a tab to manage your playlist of films and series. In June 2021, Google focused its efforts on the reliability of information, displaying a warning if the source of a result is suspicious.

On this Friday, March 25, 2022, Google is now attacking the ranking system for product reviews on its search engine. We have at least once searched for a test, an opinion, a review on a TV, a video game, a washing machine, a car on Google. As the company explains, “we know that people appreciate reviews that share an in-depth analysis, rather than just listing a product’s qualities”.

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More reliable product reviews on Google Search

To summarize, Google added additional criteria for determining a product review’s position in search results. From now on, the opinions that come from an expert on the product in question will be put forward. Of course, there are other criteria taken into account. To claim a better position in the results, product reviews must:

  • include unique information beyond that provided by the manufacturer, such as images, audio files, or links to other content detailing the user experience
  • Compare with similar products or explain what sets this product apart from its competitors
  • include helpful, in-depth details, such as the pros and cons of an item, details about a product’s performance, or how the product differs from previous versions
  • Come from people who have used the product before, and show what it looks like and how it should be used

As Google points out, the company will make sure to extend the application of these new criteria to languages ​​other than English. And yes, for the moment, French users cannot take advantage of this redesigned classification of product reviews.

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