Google is adding a layer of protection to our data: here’s what’s changing

Google plans to switch hundreds of millions of users to two-factor authentication automatically. Each person should be notified one week before the implementation of this change.

Since the beginning of computing, pirates and other hackers have existed. To fight against these criminals and delinquents of the Internet, there are not thousands of solutions. The simplest, but also the most effective, is to have complex passwords to make their acquisition by a third party as difficult as possible. For the past few years, “passphrases” have gradually replaced passwords, which are considered too short and rarely secure enough.

But with the many massive data breaches, like the one that hit Twitch a few weeks ago, even a strong password could be made public by a data breach, and it’s no longer the go-to solution to protect your data. . Indeed, in addition to a strong password, large digital companies advise their users to activate double authentication, the latter works most of the time by SMS, or in rarer cases (in the middle banking for example) by a specific application.

Double authentication: the solution against hackers

This system of double authentication makes it possible to further secure access to data. Indeed, the password is no longer sufficient on its own to have access to an account, it is necessary in addition to that that the user validates, with a code received by SMS generally, that it is indeed him and not a fraudulent action.

Double authentication, if it itself has its limits, is therefore a big step forward in the fight against hackers and computer attacks, in a world where our online data is increasingly sensitive. So, one of the companies that best protects our information is Google.

Indeed, if this may seem counter-intuitive when we know that the Menlo Park firm is often at the heart of legal cases of all kinds concerning respect for privacy, it is also good to recognize that the Californian company was one of the first to offer two-factor authentication. The latter can also always be activated, it is currently a free option for all people who have a Google account.

Google no longer leaves the choice to its users

But things will soon change. Indeed, Google has planned to automatically switch millions of users to two-factor authentication. A good thing for their cybersecurity, but an idea that will force all owners of a Google account, and many of them to verify their information.

As we know from Android Police, Google has already started implementing this change. Seven days before the activation of double authentication, the most famous of the search engines warns the user, the latter then has a week to modify his information if ever they are incorrect. It is therefore very important to verify that the telephone number attached to the account is always the correct one, as well as the recovery e-mail address, which can be used in certain cases.

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