Google Maps saves fuel (available in France)

Google Maps has just acquired in France and Europe a valuable function in these times of galloping inflation. Geolocation software can now show drivers the most fuel-efficient routes! Google specifies that the fuel reduction required for the trip can be up to 30%! In order to better refine its fuel estimates, the option “Prefer fuel-efficient routes” even takes into account the inclination of the roads as well as the type of engine of the vehicle (gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid). The option can still be disabled, but it’s hard to see who would really want to do without this kind of advice (EV drivers perhaps…).

Google Maps route saving

For information, you should know that the fuel reduction option already exists on the American and Canadian versions of Google Maps. Google claims the implementation of this function has greatly reduced toxic gas emissions, up to 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions (equivalent to 100,000 fewer thermal cars on the roads). This is not nothing knowing that the CO2 emissions emitted by thermal or hybrid cars weigh considerably in global warming. Google also notes that searches for electric charging stations via Google Maps have jumped 200% over one year.

How to activate the “Preference for fuel-efficient routes” function

On your mobile device, open the Google Maps Maps app.
Tap your profile picture or initial icon of your account then Settings Settings then Browsing settings.
Scroll down to ‘Route Options’ and tap on Prefer Fuel Efficient Routes.

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