Google Photos brings your memories to life with new effects

Google Photos welcomes a new update on iOS and Android. This drastically changes the design of the Memories tab. For example, collage effects appear and the user can customize them as desired.

Google Photos

Google Photos has long since passed the stage of a simple online library for your photos. Three years ago, the Mountain View company had for example launched Souvenirs, which highlights images taken a long time ago. This feature will be entitled to an overhaul.

Google has indeed announced that Souvenirs will have a brand new design, both on iOS and Android. This update should be available extremely quickly (certainly today) via an update to your application.

Google Photos revamps the layout of your memories

This update adopts several nice things. Today, when you scroll through your memories, you have a slideshow of photos that follow each other. Now Google is adding small zoom effects to add more life to it.

Even more, these memories can now include “Cinematic Photos”, ie animated photos obtained by combining duplicates. This reinforces the “alive” aspect of your old shots.

More so, memories can now be embellished visual effects that dress up the photos. Here again, the goal is to make the experience more personal and lively, going beyond the simple panorama stage. Google took the opportunity to add an option to share memories albums as they appear (only on Android for the moment). Before, shared photos were just sent raw.

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Finally, Photos adds the ability to create collages with memories. User can now easily design tables by selecting one or more shots. He has several effects and layouts to choose from to create his perfect visual. Google suggests that artist-made designs will be featured. Again, the goal is to tap into your massive photo library.

This update will not shake up user habits, but should satisfy those who are fond of montages and those who like to rediscover their old shots. Google’s service continues to improve in small steps, to the point of becoming a must today.

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