Google Photos will make it easier to import and sort your photos

Google Photos will soon be entitled to a new update which will bring a number of features. It will be possible to more easily import snapshots stored on other applications. The design will also be reviewed.

Google Photos

Google Photos continues to improve over time and becomes more and more essential for Android users. The next update promised by Google will improve a lot of things, in particular by facilitating the import of photos from third-party services.

Google presented its novelties on its official website. The first is a reorganization of the albums. It will be possible to add filters to find a particular album rather than browsing on sight. The display in lists is also making its debut to facilitate searches. More so, Google includes a cool feature, since a tab now makes it easy to import photos from other services. Do you have snapshots stored elsewhere? Put them easily on Photos.

Google Photos makes it easier to find your screenshots

If you’re the type to take a lot of screenshots or save memes (without activating automatic sync), you might like this new feature. A shortcut will appear on the home page to easily find your last captures in case you forgot them (this happens to all of us). Very convenient !

Google Photos

Finally, Google Photos will make it easier to share albums and especially to see with whom. The design of the “Share” tab will be reviewed and it will be easy to see who can access which photo. It is true that this section of the application is today very cluttered and needed a big blow of polish. It was time !

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These new features will arrive very soon in an update. Google was careful not to give a precise date since for the moment, we only have a vague “in the next few weeks”. Now all that remains is to wait patiently. An update that should make life easier for fans of the application, and there are a lot of them. It is true that today it has become a must.

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