Google refuses Donald Trump’s social network application on the Play Store

Google refuses to welcome Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social network, on the Play Store (Android application store), whose content is not subject to sufficient moderation according to the group. Conversely, the app is available on iOS via the App Store.

Truth Social

According to Google, Truth Social is subject to several violations of Play Store policies. The company says it has again indicated that having effective systems for moderating user-generated content is a necessary condition for an app to be uploaded to Google Play.

This restriction means that Android users cannot download the app from the Play Store. Google won’t let the app work until the content issues are resolved. Truth Social acknowledged Google’s concerns and said it would work to resolve these issues, according to Axios.

Launched at the end of February, Truth Social aims to be an alternative to the major social networks, Twitter in particular, from which Donald Trump has been suspended since January 2021, with freedom of expression for leitmotif and minimal content moderation.

Google’s refusal comes as Fox Business Network reported that Truth Social stopped paying its platform host, RightForge, several months ago. “Truth Social is financially strong, as demonstrated by its ability to recently raise $15 million in bridging loans”said the company in a document published on the site of the American stock market policeman (the SEC).

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