Google Stadia finally allows uninvited multiplayer

Google Stadia finally allows uninvited multiplayer

The video game streaming platform has just deployed a new feature intended to simplify multiplayer games with friends. Too bad, the option is only for one game.

Despite a hesitant start, Google’s cloud gaming platform is doing well. The promised features are gradually arriving, and the catalog continues to grow. Just 18 months after its launch, Stadia is now the leader in the streaming video game market, notably thanks to its recent arrival on Android TV this summer.

This time, it is a new very practical tool which makes its entry into the service of Mountain View. After introducing the search bar (a feature that was struggling to arrive), Google now allows players to join a multiplayer game without prior invitation. For the moment being deployed via update 3.41, the functionality will concretely make it easier to join a game created by your friends, provided of course that the title is compatible, specifies GAFAM in a recent blog post on its support page.

Obviously, this opening of Stadia games will not mean that anyone can join your game. Each player will be able to define your preferences in advance via the privacy settings of the application. It will also be possible to choose whether your game is open to everyone, or only to your friends list. Note that Google ensures that multiplayer sharing will be disabled by default, to avoid any disappointment in-game. Several American media already having access to the update, however, found, conversely, that the option had been automatically activated on their accounts.

Only one compatible game?

If the idea sounds promising, it could well run into a big problem: Google hasn’t explicitly confirmed this, but it looks like for the moment this feature only concerns one and only one game, namely Far Cry 6. We obviously have no doubt that GAFAM has quickly planned to extinguish its catalog of compatible games, but we must admit that for the moment, the announcement has the effect of a sword blow in water.

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