Google Stadia is ready to welcome 100 games in 2022

Google unveils its plans for Stadia in 2022, the first of which is to make compatible a hundred more games.

In the world of cloud gaming, only a few platforms manage to stand out. Google Stadia is one of them, and is counting on 2022 to further expand its audience among gamers. Indeed, Google announces that many surprises will arrive this year on the platform, especially in terms of games compatible with Stadia. In a message on Twitter, we read that nearly 100 games will soon be added to the catalog.

To reach this figure of 100 games per year, Google will therefore adopt a relatively similar pace to that of 2021, namely the availability of around 8 games per month. For the month of February alone, the company says Stadia Pro members can already access more than 50 games freely. It is therefore a sign of a promising expansion on the side of Google. As a reminder, last year the firm added 107 new games, from small and large studios.

Big surprises

But that’s not all since Google is also planning more days called Free Play Days. These are days when Stadia Pro subscribers can access and play a specific game, often a AAA blockbuster, without having to purchase it first. Although not accessible for basic Stadia members, it is an advantage for the brand that manages to attract users with this technique.

As a reminder, Stadia is a cloud gaming service offered by Google which has a free subscription plan and a paid plan. Stadia Pro gives you access to free games that are renewed regularly and playable without downloading for €9.99 per month.

This week, it’s the games Life is Strange Remastered as well as Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered which are available in the Stadia Pro catalog. Besides, users can also experience the game MotoGP 21. For the future, Google also promises to integrate other surprises of which it cannot speak yet. We should therefore have more information about them in the near future, in a few months at the earliest.

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