Google Stadia Pro: the games offered in April 2022

Google unveils the list of games that will be offered in April 2022 with Stadia Pro. This offer allows you to play in 4K and have surround sound. Its price is €9.99/month. In comparison, the free offer is limited to 1080p and stereo sound (and there are not the games offered each month).

Google Stadia Black Controller

Games offered with Stadia Pro in April 2022

The first game offered with Stadia Pro in April is World War Z: Aftermath. This new version of World War Z notably includes a completely redesigned new hand-to-hand combat system, allowing you to manage two weapons at the same time and a first-person mode. There is also a new class, and new characters and environments.

In the second title, we find Deliver Us the Moon. An adventure game where the player embodies an astronaut sent to the Moon on a secret mission to save humanity. The player will be able to alternate between phases of exploration of the Moon and survival sequences in abandoned stations.

The third game offered is City Legends: The Curse of the Crimson Shadow Collector’s Edition. You are a famous horror novelist, so all the weird and terrifying things are familiar to you. Thus, in search of inspiration, you embark on the search for information on a sinister spirit from legends.

The fourth game coming with Stadia in April is Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. An Action-RPG from Nihon Falcom, it represents the 10th installment in the main Ys series. In this episode, Adol finds himself transformed into a “Monstrum” and sent to a prison city, and will have to use his new powers in order to stay alive.

Finally, the fifth title is Chicken Police. The story is intended to be truly raw, sprinkled with a good dose of absurd humor. A long investigation with a story of love, death and policeman in redemption. The visuals are very original, in black and white.

All games will be redeemable on Stadia starting April 1.

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