Google wants its Apple Fitness+

Google missed the chance, during the health crisis, to establish itself in living rooms as a provider of video workouts to do at home. The search engine would like to catch up.

During the pandemic, home fitness service providers, like Peloton or Apple (with Fitness+) have been on the rise. Millions of people locked up at home have tested video workouts to do at home! Not all of them remained subscribers of course, but nevertheless the practice has been emulated and it has what it takes to impose itself in the years to come, like telework.

More integration between Google platforms

A major player in the connected living room is completely absent from this market: it is Google, which nevertheless has one of the largest platforms in the sector with Android TV/Google TV. The company is therefore reportedly considering launching its own workout video service for connected TVs. These exercises would sync with Fitbit wristbands (owned by Google) as well as smartwatches running Wear OS.

The watches and bracelets would be used to measure the progress of the user during the exercises broadcast on television, which would reproduce the model of Apple between the Apple Watch and Fitness +. The rumor lacks details, but the launch of this service being scheduled for 2023, Google still has time to refine this offer.

This video training service would be part of a larger initiative to better integrate Google TV with the rest of the search engine’s ecosystems. Nest products could thus become dedicated speakers by connecting to the operating system. Beyond that, it would be about making Android, Wear OS, and Google TV devices work better.

A bet: unlike the great rival Apple, Google has often gone all over the place without worrying about its existing platforms. But for the user, it would be great news!

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