Google wants to ban the import of Sonos products into the United States

The legal battle between Sonos and Google knows no end. The search engine has again filed a complaint against the manufacturer of audio products, the latter being accused of infringing patents.

For two years, relations between Google and Sonos have been icy. The manufacturer of connected speakers has indeed filed a complaint against Google for infringements of several of its inventions. This resulted in a judgment by the International Trade Commission (ITC) which, earlier this year, turned in favor of Sonos. Rather than settle for an amicable settlement, Google has decided to remove several functions from its audio products.

Forensic trench warfare

But the case is far from over. A few months after Sonos’ first complaint, Google in turn filed a complaint accusing the manufacturer of infringing its own patents. Then, Sonos counterattacked with an additional pursuit. And now this week, the search engine is delivering a layer of it with two complaints filed in California, plus complaints to the ITC with the intention of obtaining a ban on imports of Sonos devices into the United States.

Justice will have to determine whether Sonos is guilty of infringement of seven patents on the detection of a voice command (such as “Hey Google”, for example), wireless charging, the way in which a group of speakers determines the unit that should respond to the user. Google wants defend [ses] technologies and respond to Sonos’ clear and continuing breaches of [ses] patents “, according to a spokesperson.

Google also criticizes Sonos for carrying out a ” aggressive and distorted campaign against [ses] products, at the expense of our common consumers “. On the Sonos side, it is believed that these complaints are part of a ” intimidation tactic “which aimed to” retaliate against Sonos after exposing Google’s monopolistic practices “. The war of words between these two companies is not ready to end.

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