Google wants to multiply Windows games for Stadia

Google is still betting on Stadia, despite alarmist rumors announcing the end of the cloud gaming service. The next Google for Games Developer Summit announces a novelty that could help the platform gain in attractiveness to developers.

On March 15, video game developers are invited to participate in the Google for Games Developer Summit, a series of conferences on designing games for Android, Google Play Games for PC and Stadia. The cloud gaming service is not popular and according to rumors, the search engine is ready to shut down. But all may not be lost.

Open Stadia wide

The description of a session seems to indicate that Google intends to open the doors of Stadia wide. Currently, developers have to adapt their games to the platform, which is based on Linux. Many titles were designed for Windows, which is the default operating system for millions of gamers. While many games are optimized for Linux, this is still far from the norm.

This session implies that Google has developed technology that allows Windows games to run on Stadia, without code modification or optimization. The details are not very numerous, and we will know more next week. But it’s a hope for the game streaming service: it should be much easier for publishers to sell their Windows games there without having to get their hands dirty.

This technology could also promote the growth of streaming technology developed for Stadia. In addition to the service itself, Google also offers it to third-party “white label” companies. Being able to run Windows games on it is a strong argument.

With the game library still being the main pebble in Stadia’s shoe, making it easier to port new titles is a great thing. Players have everything to gain! This year, Google has also promised a hundred new games.

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