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Google wants to turn your smartphone into a key for BMW

Despite its absence at CES 2022, Google is announcing a series of new features for its products. Samsung and Pixel smartphones will become car keys.

Due to the health context, Google has decided to skip its turn for this 2022 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show. The Mountain View firm nevertheless took the opportunity to unveil a non-exhaustive list of the novelties that we can hope to see land this year on the brand’s products. Among these various announcements, it is particularly the use of an Android smartphone (Pixel or Samsung) as a car key that stands out.

Later this year, Google plans to allow its users to use their phones to lock and unlock BMW vehicles using Ultra Wide Band technology. Short-range digital radio technology promises very precise localization and an optimal level of security. This is not the first time that the automaker has formed a partnership of its kind with a digital player, it had already collaborated with Apple to develop a similar feature.

A faster connection

In addition to this novelty, Google announces a myriad of updates that will make life easier for these users. Thus, in the coming months, it will be possible to quickly pair headphones with Google TV or any Android TV OS device. Smart home automation devices compatible with Matter will integrate a fast connection with the Google Home network, but also other related applications.

Wear OS smartwatches can also allow lightning-fast unlocking of devices such as Chromebooks, Android phones or tablets. Finally, for music lovers, Google announces that spatial audio will adapt the sound to head movements in the future. It’s a way for Google to offer a more immersive sound experience on compatible devices. Moreover, Chromecast technology should invest in new devices, from the Bose ranges.

The Pixel 6 will also get an update

After several months of turbulence, the Google Pixel 6 should once again be sailing in calm waters. A return to normal which can be explained by the imminent arrival of an update and numerous corrective patches. Announced for last December, the Google update was to reintroduce the magic eraser to Google Photos and thus allow users to take advantage of this feature formerly reserved for Photoshop. However, the deployment was not without a hitch, many owners of a latest generation Pixel have seen network malfunctions, call interruptions and Wi-Fi issues.

All of these issues should logically be resolved later this month, along with a few bugs that appeared on older generation phones. This includes in particular the hiding of the navigation bar when changing the orientation of Pixels 3, 4 and their different variations.

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