Google will facilitate access to updates to its application store

Google is rolling out a new feature to its Play Store app store, which will make it easier for users to make sure the app is running smoothly by using the latest version.

The Google Play Store allows you to update your apps on your Android devices, but the store also needs to be updated. Until now, to update the app you had to tap on the version number in the settings to trigger a check for updates available for the app. However, since there was no clear indication that this feature existed, most users did not know that it is possible to update the store.

Now, as 9to5Google spotted, the American giant has added a new button in the application’s settings, which allows you to easily ensure that it is up to date. In fact, all you have to do is press your profile at the top right, then go to Settings> about. You should find the version number of the Play Store at the bottom, with a new button ” Update Play Store “. By tapping on it, your app should offer you the latest version, or notify you that the store is already up to date.

Google Play Store update

Google still hasn’t made it easy to access app updates

The addition of the button to update the Play Store more simply comes several months after Google made it difficult to access updates for other apps. Indeed, in May, a redesign of the Play Store interface had added a step to access application updates on your device. Although it is possible to update all apps at the push of a button, you always have to click another button if you want to install them individually.

Google recently added other features to its app store. We know in particular that the American giant is preparing a new design for the web version, and the Android application recently welcomed a new Offers tab which displays promotions for different applications.

Source: 9to5Google

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