Google would abandon Stadia… which would become a cloud-gaming technology offered to third-party companies

The sauce definitely does not take Stadia and if the good sources of Business Insider are to be believed, google would have come to the conclusion that it would be better to abandon the serviceā€¦ to transform it into something else. This “something else” could be Google Stream, a cloud gaming technology that could be purchased under white label by third-party companies.

Stadia Controller

Peloton, the fitness equipment manufacturer currently going through a huge storm, would have shown interest. It would thus become possible to play real JV on fitness equipment (after all, you could already watch TV on some models). At&T would even be one of the first customers of Google Stream: Google’s technology would already be at work to allow Batman: Arkham Knight to be played on the operator’s browser. As for JV studios, Capcom or even Bungie (and therefore Sony now) would also be potential customers.

As for Stadia, the original, Google would continue to make it eke out a living with games for the general public, far from the ambitions and especially the pharaonic costs of triple A. When it doesn’t want to…

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