Google would prepare a new "innovative AR device" with its own OS

Google would prepare a new “innovative AR device” with its own OS

Despite some success in the industry, Google Glass will not really be remembered by the general public. But Google has other ideas in mind.

You certainly remember the Google Glass, those oh-so-innovative augmented reality glasses that caused a sensation in 2013… before completely disappearing from circulation, at least for individuals. And if this change of course had been heartbreaking for you, here’s great news: Mountain View troops are working on a new AR device right now!

In any case, this is very clearly suggested by a series of indices identified by 9to5Google. The media specializing in the digital giant has indeed spotted movement at the level of Google’s AR team. Mark Lucovsky, a big name in augmented reality who was notably general manager of OS at Oculus, has just landed in Mountain View to take the reins of their AR OS team.

The latter also inaugurated his new position by posting a job offer for an experienced computer engineer. The job description states that Google is looking to build “Software for integrated processors in a new generation of integrated and immersive computing products.” and to “Solve functional issues to deliver a compelling AR experience on custom hardware platforms.”

At first glance, this description does not seem to leave room for any misinterpretation. This clearly indicates that Google is working on both a new augmented reality platform, as well as a brand new operating system specially designed to exploit its potential.

This time, is it the right one?

Everyone was wondering when Google would finally retry the adventure of virtual and / or augmented reality; it would appear that this is now the case. And that’s anything but a coincidence at a time when companies are all setting out to conquer the famous metaverse. But it remains to be seen what form this new device will take.

As the original Glass didn’t really capsize the crowds, Google is unlikely to start over on the same basis. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it was certainly a product a little ahead of its time, but above all not mature enough and unpleasant to use. The company has undoubtedly learned lessons from this mixed experience. It will therefore be all the more able to offer a more mature product.

It will be particularly interesting to see how Google intends to manage the most complicated aspects of this technology; we think in particular of navigation, display quality, and especially autonomy. Considering the speed at which the AR / VR ecosystem is developing at the moment, there is a good chance that we will have news of this project … unless it also joins the huge graveyard of scuttled projects in progress. route by Google.

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