Google would put Stadia aside to favor its streaming technology

While we never stop reporting the impressive agreements and takeovers that have multiplied within the video game industry in recent months, there is a player that we would almost tend to forget: google still continues to run its cloud gaming service Stadia, in almost total indifference. Perhaps worried by these serial acquisitions in an increasingly consolidated environment, the American megacorporation would then be in the process of drastically changing its strategy, by highlighting its streaming technology even if it means leaving Stadia in the background…

Google puts technology before Stadia

In any case, this is what the Business Insider site tells us, and whose information is reported to us by the VideoGamesChronicles site. If Google has already closed its first-party development studio, the Silicon Valley firm could then go even further and set aside exclusivity agreements with third-party publishers. We do not know what will happen to the Stadia service in the coming months, Google having the reputation of abandoning without too many scruples services that have not met with the expected success…

The priority for Google would then be to sell the proprietary streaming technology used to deliver games to the cloud. If Stadia’s economic model had a hard time convincing the public and critics, the quality of game streaming did not have to be ashamed of the competition and was even placed among the best performances on the market. As a result, Google is said to have approached several major industry players to offer them the streaming technology in question.

Among others, we find Bungie, which could use this technology as the basis for a version of its blockbuster destiny independent of traditional gaming platforms. Capcom has also reportedly been contacted to offer streaming demos directly from its official site. Along with the video game industry, the article also cites a tie with Peloton, a giant in the fitness machine market, which could then offer game streaming on their screen-equipped exercise bikes.

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