Gorillaz is preparing an animated film for Netflix

Gorillaz has always had a very close relationship with animated cinema and for good reason, the virtual group created by Damon Albarn (Blur) and Jamie Hewlett is made up of fictional characters.

2D on vocals and keyboard, Murdoc on guitar and bass, Russel on drums and percussion, and Noodle on guitar, keyboard and vocals: these are the four members of the group. Gorillaz, fictional characters created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998. Everyone always has the hit “Clint Eastwood” in mind, but this crazy project has kept producing songs and visuals.

A “studio Ghibli” quality

The fictional universe of Gorillaz, which is unlike anything known, is embodied in the group’s clips of course, but also on an interactive website and animated short films. The latest project that has occupied artists since last year is “Song Machine”: the principle is to publish a single each month with a specific guest. And these titles usually come with an animated clip.

The adventure will not stop there. During an interview for Apple Music, Damon Albarn thus confirmed that a feature film on Gorillaz was in preparation at Netflix! Unfortunately, the details are very light, we do not know the title of this film, the speakers, the story, let alone the release date.

In another interview, the singer of Blur indicated that the case was on the right track, with signed contracts. The work is currently on the screenplay. Albarn also specified that the animated film would be ” rather abstract », Which does not prevent ambition: it aims for nothing less than a quality worthy of Studio Ghibli!

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