Gotham Knights shows gameplay and cancels its PS4 and Xbox One versions

Gotham Knights shows gameplay and cancels its PS4 and Xbox One versions

After several months of radio silence, and much speculation about its release date, Gotham Knights finally shows up on video. A long gameplay snippet was uploaded by studio Rocksteady today, showcasing the different fighting styles of the Nightwing and Red Hood characters, in addition to a demonstration of the Batcycle motorcycle. Another news, also announced this afternoon, should nevertheless displease some players…


Gotham Knights skips the old-gen fight

This first video preview of the gameplay allows you to discover the combat abilities of two cast characters. First Nightwing, the ally with the blue color code, which favors hand-to-hand combat and gymnastics over the big tatannes of fire Batman. On the other side of the scale, Red Hood will mix melee attack and gunpowder with two firearms, a first for Rocksteady’s franchise. Gotham Knights does not become a TPS and always honors the codes of beat’em’all above all.

If Nightwing takes advantage of his glider to cover long distances in the air, Red Hood shows his ability to double jump… Before burning the rubber on the Batcycle. A dynamic chase sequence, concluding with a car-jacking in the middle of the race, shows the different facets of the game’s gameplay, decidedly richer than the previous Arkhams. Note that all the other playable characters in the game will be able to use the vehicle. In addition to the pair featured in the video, Batgirl and Robin will also be among the final cast.

The other big news from this presentation is the cancellation of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights. Initially announced as a cross-gen title, Rocksteady’s title will eventually be exclusive to next-gen PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S consoles, in addition to PC. A decision which deprives the studio of a large installed base of players, but which is explained by the need for their “deliver the best gaming experience possible”. The aging technologies of old-gen consoles obviously got the better of the project, which may partly explain this long development cycle.

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