Gran Turismo 7 reveals 30 minutes of its gameplay!

Sony has shared never-before-seen footage for its upcoming title Gran Turismo 7, including nearly 30 minutes of gameplay.

He is eagerly awaited for the next march 4. Gran Turismo 7, the new installment of the car simulation franchise, will make its big comeback on PS4 and PS5. For the occasion, and as its release is fast approaching, Sony took advantage of its latest State of Play to unveil 30 minutes of new gameplay images that take us through the game’s various features. Check out the video below below.

Multiple ways to get cars

In the Gran Turismo Cafe, you can consult the menu books, which are actually challenge collections, which allow you to unlock cars and learn more about their history. To win the cars you are asked for, you just have to participate in the races mentioned in the menu and win them. When you have unlocked the whole menu, you can then have access to valuable testimonials from automotive designers or a guided tour in the past of the unlocked model.

For very recent cars, you will have to go to the Brand Central, a sort of shopping center solely devoted to cars built between 2001 and today. In total, you have the choice to spend your virtual money and earned in races in almost 300 car models belonging to more than 50 American, Asian or European brands.

Optimization is the key to victory

Sure, Gran Turismo 7 includes a large part dedicated to the customization of racing cars. Everything happens in the garage, where you can apply the elements that you bought at the tuning store beforehand. You can thus boost its performance, make your car adopt a new driving style or even personalize its exterior appearance.

Once done, you should be on top of winning the races. Gran Turismo 7, some of which are making a comeback. For this opus, Sony has pushed the limits of simulation by attaching particular importance to the sensations of the controller and graphics of extreme photorealism. It’s an opportunity for all car enthusiasts to put on their suits for a more lively experience than ever, even more so if you play with the appropriate car accessories (steering wheel, pedal set and clutch).

So see you on next march 4 for big road adventures, only on PS4 and PS5 consoles. Before that, don’t miss the release of Horizon Forbidden West on next February 18.

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