Gran Turismo in pole position, Pokémon close behind

Gran Turismo in pole position, Pokémon close behind

After last week’s throwback to the year 2021, it’s time to return to a slightly more normal program for the weekly review of charts of the video game. the SELL (Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers) reports to us the top 5 of video game sales in French points of salewith nothing really surprising on the program.

A PlayStation exclusivity largely dominates, while the eternal chestnut trees on the Nintendo side are still resisting, to such an extent that one wonders if they will one day, permanently, leave the top…

Gran Turismo 7 carbide at the top

It is therefore Gran Turismo 7, the latest installment in the car simulation franchise, which is leading the race for this tenth week of 2022. Polyphony Digital’s title is presented here in its PS5 version and dominates the competition without too much fuss. effort. Each exit from Gran Turismo is a small event for gamers and PlayStation gamers, and this seventh installment is no exception.

Nevertheless, the week following its release did not pass without controversy. A server outage rendered the game inaccessible to players, online or offline, for more than 24 hours. We find again Gran Tourismo 7, this time in PS4 version, in second position of this weekly top.

Any other atmosphere for the third game of this ranking: Pokemon Legends: Arceus persists again and again within the best sales in France, proving, if it were still necessary, of the hand put of the pocket monsters on the tastes of the French. The Nintendo Switch episode is the latest for the franchise, which has already announced a new duo of episodes expected for the end of 2022.

Finally, we return to a more than usual program for the last two places in the top, respectively occupied by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (yes, him again) and Mario Party Superstarstwo Nintendo Switch exclusives that still make the heyday of the hybrid nomad.

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