Great Trade Republic service makes the exchange accessible to everyone (and it's easy)

Great Trade Republic service makes the exchange accessible to everyone (and it’s easy)

Having arrived in France less than a year ago, Trade Republic has already met with great success. With over a million users to its credit, this innovative solution makes investing in the stock market easier.

Too expensive, too complicated … investing in the stock market is seen as an activity reserved for a small elite. Trade Republic has however succeeded in breaking down these barriers to make financial markets easier for the general public to access. With Trade Republic, anyone can invest their capital and grow their savings while controlling risk as much as possible.

The Trade Republic mobile application is a relevant solution in an economic context where savings accounts (and other funds in euros in life insurance contracts) have low or even negative returns when inflation is taken into account. . By opting for the service, you will be able to diversify your risk as much as possible thanks to the tools that are made available.

Asset management from a mobile

Established in 2015, the company has spent four years working hard to be in good standing and obtain a German brokerage bank license (valid throughout the European Union) and develop efficient cutting-edge technology. Result: its launch in Germany during 2019 was a huge success.

More than a simple online brokerage service, Trade Republic sees itself as a general public wealth management platform. The idea is to make your saved capital grow rather than rushing headlong into the complexity of finance.

Because Trade Republic does not just offer you to buy this or that financial product. If of course possible, the strength of Trade Republic lies in the possibility of choose from different investment plans that will bear fruit in the longer term. Each month, clients can choose to automatically top up their portfolio to broaden the scope of their investment.

Launched in France less than a year ago, on January 26, Trade Republic has tens of thousands of French investors to its credit. The figure speaks for itself of the attraction for the solution and the enthusiasm that this alternative arouses for investing in the stock market.

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Invest easily, without exorbitant fees

Resolutely modern, the mobile application is readable and easy to access for a user-friendly rendering. At the same time, it keeps its serious aspect so as not to get lost and guide you as best as possible in your long-term investment strategy. It is also available in a web version for those who prefer a more traditional format. You can surf the web from the app with ease.

We also welcome Trade Republic’s transparency in terms of fees: everything is clearly explained to the client so that he knows the price of each of his operations. It must be said that its invoicing model is a real example in terms of competitiveness compared to more traditional players.

For the purchase of shares, ETFs or any other asset, you will only pay € 1 per order… and that’s it. You will not pay anything on the exchange or any inactivity fees. Nothing is hidden. It is € 1 per transaction, regardless of the amount of the order you place. Better yet, purchases through these “programmed investment plans” are not subject to any brokerage fees.

To be able to invest in the best way and over the long term, Trade Republic offers a large number of assets: 8,500 cumulatively on the American, European or Asian stock exchanges. With these regions, you can invest between 7:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. from France thanks to the different market time slots. You also have access to 1,150 ETFs, these popular negotiated funds, some of which are issued by the largest companies in the sector (Lyxor, BlackRock or Amundi).

To discover the full range of active ingredients, it’s here:

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Think “long term”

As we said earlier, the objective of Trade Republic is not to encourage users to take risks by doing “day trading” and “scalping”. These short-term investments require real knowledge and are very risky. Rather, the application encourages you to invest little by little, over the months, to build up savings over time. A recent study commissioned by the French economist Marc Touati also explains how young people should invest without delay if they do not want to lose 40% of their purchasing power when they retire.

As Christian Hecker, CEO and co-founder of the Trade Republic department, says: “We don’t want to trade more than 5 times or 10 times a month. We prefer that our clients only do two or maybe three, for the next 20 years ”.

Based on this vision, Trade Republic therefore launched its own long-term investment plans. Rather than investing a large amount all at once, which significantly increases the level of risk, the application suggests choosing assets and then investing in them a fixed amount at a defined frequency (between 15, 30 or 90 days). ). This makes it possible to invest in “DCA” (dollar cost average), which has the effect of smoothing the average purchase price of securities over time. You will therefore not buy “at the highest”.

This method protects you against the risk of daily fluctuations in stock prices. So you can invest your money without needing the in-depth knowledge of short-term trading. In addition, this programmed investment plan allows for investments that one can afford. And rest assured, even if you want to buy an “expensive” security but can’t afford to do it “whole”, Trade Republic allows you to buy fractions of this asset.

It should also be remembered that the Trade Republic programmed investment plan is not subject to the € 1 fee charged for each transaction. Even by performing 2 trades per month (by setting the plan on a 15-day investment frequency), clients will not have any fees through this service. Simple and transparent at the same time.

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Your funds protected and your registration is fast

If you have some fears – legitimate – to entrust your money to a company which does not have the same financial base as the big traditional banks, the deposited funds are secured to the tune of 100,000 € in the event of bankruptcy. It is also easier to make transfers and withdrawals from or to another account. The opening of an account on Trade Republic is carried out in less than 8 minutes.

To be in good standing from a tax point of view, Trade Republic is also one of the few applications which allows its users to download the single tax form at the end of the year. It lists its various operations and gives the procedures to simply declare its profits and its securities account to the tax authorities. You will be able to easily postpone your capital gains (we wish you so) or capital losses if this should happen.

Finally, if you have a question, it’s easy to contact customer service. It is currently made up of 90 people in Europe. Workforce that the company is also looking to increase significantly at the moment. The goal is that customers can always receive a response to their question within 24 hours.

To open an account and invest with Trade Republic, it’s here:

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