Grid Legends is set for February 2022

Electronic Arts just announced the release date of Grid Legends, the next installment in Codemasters’ motorsport franchise. Always familiar with the English studio, there is a wide range of vehicles to drive and circuits to travel – with the presence of a few new features, however. Thus, a scripted story mode will make its debut in the series for the first time …

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Cinema-style asphalt

Unlike previous titles in the franchise, this Legends episode puts a great emphasis on the scripted aspect of its solo part with a lot of live-action sequences. It will be divided into two very distinct modes. First of all, a story mode entitled “Driven to Glory”, featuring actor Ncuti Gwata (Sex Education) and narrating behind the scenes of automotive competitions at a very high level. Finally, once this mode is over, players will then switch to career mode, offering a more classic progression based on various and varied tournaments.

Grid Legends is meant to be a true buffet of motorsport, with a plethora of different vehicle types and competitions to ride, ranging from quirky tracks from all over the world to very real tracks, like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the midwestern United States. United States. More than 130 circuits are thus expected. As for the number of vehicles, Codemasters also promises more than a hundred cars on call, whether sports ready for drifting to large semi-trailers.

Crossplay on the program

Grid Legends also advertises itself as “the most connected episode”Of the franchise, with instant multiplayer games, without going through waiting lobbies. Good news, the online crossplay game will be part of the game … Without further details as to the platforms concerned. But we imagine that it will be possible to participate in multiple races, regardless of the console — or the PC. We are also waiting to learn more about the possible benefits of versions intended for new generation platforms …

Grid Legends will be available on February 22, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC via Steam and Origin.

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