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Google has started rolling out the new Chrome update. It is now possible to create groups of tabs that are easily found once the browser is closed. The Mountain View firm also strengthens payment security, by offering a new authentication extension.

You can now download Chrome 95. At least, if this is not the case yet, it will be in the next few days while Google finalizes the deployment. This is the opportunity to take a quick look at everything that awaits us with this new update. Starting with the creation of tab groups. Until now, if you had the misfortune of closing your browser with several tabs open, you had to go to the history to reopen them one by one.

With tab groups, all you have to do is store them in a folder that you can then reopen during your next session. Please note, however, that this feature is not enabled by default. To take advantage of it, you will have to go to chrome: // flags / # tab-groups-save and tick the box “Enabled”. The development does not seem to be completely finished, so it could be that this option has some bugs.

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Google strengthens payment security on Chrome

With each update, Google incorporates new security options. Since Chrome 94, for example, users are automatically directed to the HTTPS version of a page. Thus, the other major novelty of Chrome 95 is the arrival ofan authentication extension for banks. This will allow third-party companies to improve the security of Internet payments. Note among other things that 19 security vulnerabilities have been fixed.

That’s not all, since the update also allows you to set a web app as the default application when you click on a link. In addition, developers can now offer a pipette tool on their site thanks to the EyeDropper API, thus offering the possibility to users to draw among the displayed colors. Finally, it is possible to rearrange the playlist and the favorites in a new interface by activating the flag chrome: // flags / # side-panel.

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