GTA Online gives news of Michael from GTA V

GTA Online gives news of Michael from GTA V

In its most recent update, GTA Online at one point evokes Michael, one of the avatars of GTA V. One way to give news of a character whose fate was not necessarily very clear after the base game.

Confirmed earlier this month, the new content of GTA Online, “The Contract”, was recently rolled out. We find Dr. Dre, as had been expected, and also Franklin who could be embodied in the GTA V original. Note that the missions of this DLC take place after the events of GTA V, and that there is therefore still time for you to postpone this reading if ever you want to keep any surprises in your hands.

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In “The Contract,” poor Dr. Dre lost his cell phone. But given that in our time a telephone is almost the equivalent of a computer, this disappearance is even more problematic. Indeed, the device contains unpublished and unfinished pieces of the artist, and it would therefore be a question of not hanging around on pain of seeing this new music be made available free of charge to the general public.

GTA Online: an end of GTA V would be canonical for Michael

If we are in the right place at the right time, in addition to having an English-speaking ear or attentive eyes, we will be able to hear from Michael in “The Contract”. He also playable in GTA V, his fate was not certain. Indeed, the game offers different endings. If you had persisted until these lines, you can still backtrack because one of these conclusions will be brought up here.

In the third end of GTA V, Michael becomes a film producer. However, Franklin crosses the same studio in “The Contract”, while chasing a man in a golf cart. At one point, Franklin said he knew one of the studio’s producers and wished he wasn’t at work today. So it seems not only that the end C of GTA V is canonical, but also that Michael would obviously not appreciate seeing his former comrade wreaking havoc in his studio. We wonder why.

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