GTA The Trilogy: first trailer, price and release date of the remaster

Rockstar just unveiled the very first trailer of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, be the remaster of the first three GTAs in 3D. This trailer mainly focuses on the graphical improvements over the original games. If the remaster will not transform the pumpkin into Prince Charming, it is clear that the changes are quite numerous and clearly visible: reflections, high definition textures, weather, improved controls, the overall rendering of this GTA The Trilogy will allow new generations to taste these monuments of the JV without having the impression of losing points of vision.

The remaster also now has a release date… for its dematerialized version. The latter will therefore be available on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on November 11 at a price of 59.99 euros. All the same… The physical version of the game will be released on December 6th. Rockstar also announces on its site an optimization for the Xbox Series X | S, which makes you smile a little as it is far from a real remaster like that of the FF VII of the PS4. As for the iOS and Android versions, they are still scheduled for next year.

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