GTA 5 new gen

GTA V: Rockstar gives new details on the PS5 and Xbox Series versions (ray-tracing, 4K, 3D audio, etc.)

GTA Vthe best-selling game in the world, is about to take out its gala clothes on the new-gen. The PS5 and Xbox Series version of the game will be available on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store on March 15, with the physical release of the game slated for April. A few days before this highly anticipated launch, Rockstar has just published a page devoted to the new, mainly technical, features of these versions.

GTA 5 new gen

So, GTA V will be displayed in native 4K and 30 fps on Xbox Series X and PS5 (4K upscaled on Series S), with ray-tracing as a bonus. In 60 fps performance mode, 4K is upscaled. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S will have to settle for 1080 p (Full HD) in this mode. There will also be an intermediate Performance RT mode, i.e. upscaled 4K, 60 fps, and ray-tracing as a bonus (only for Series X and PS5). Rockstar also promises improved textures, HDR, much faster loading times, 3D audio, and denser street traffic (people and cars). In addition, the vegetation will be denser and the effects of light, explosion, fire, shadow or water will be more realistic. Other small details will enhance the effect new-gensuch as motion blur, improved anti-aliasing, etc.

GTA V New Gen 2 1024x576

On PS5, the haptic capabilities of the DualSense will be supported, as will the Tempest 3D spatial audio system? on Xbox Series X/S, the game will support Spatial Audio. Finally, note that the progress of the story mode and online can be transferred from the PS4 / Xbox One gen, but this transfer will only be possible once.

GTA V New Gen 1 1024x576

The improvements will also concern GTA Online, with a new exclusive garage, the Hao’s Special Works, which will give access to 5 modifiable vehicles as well as a new type of race for these modified vehicles. Best of all, a new career builder feature will get you started online with GTA$4,000,000! Rockstar also announces that “GTA Online will also be available for the first time as a standalone title for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, for the first three months after launch, GTA Online will be free to download and play for PlayStation 5 players, making it easier than ever for new players to experience all that GTA Online has to offer.”.

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