Hacker Gary Bowser sentenced to more than three years in prison

It’s the end of a long judicial soap opera: the hacker emeritus Gary Bowser was sentenced to more than 3 years in prison by the American courts for his activities within the Team Xecuter group. At the head of the latter, Bowser would have organized the distribution and marketing of a wide range of products intended for hacking consoles. nintendo, allowing in particular the piracy of their games. The details of the judgment are reported to us by the Eurogamer site.

First pleading innocent before changing his mind, Bowser had agreed to pay a fine of 4.5 million dollars (3.9€ million). But the federal government, eager to make Bowser an example to the hacker community, felt that a much harsher sentence—5 years in prison—should be required. Justice ruled for a slightly lesser sentence: 40 months in prison for Bowser.

Bowser and Team Xecuter in the sights of the USA

Team Xecuter has produced a wide range of hardware products for Nintendo consoles, such as controller adapters, but is best known for its wide range of flash memory cards and electronic chips. The latter thus make it possible to inject third-party firmware into the operating systems of the consoles, opening access to various modifications, the most popular of which remains the loading of copies of games. Among the products marketed, we could mention the Getaway cartridges for the Nintendo 3DS and more recently the line of USB-C SX Pro, SX Lite and SX Core dongles for the Nintendo Switch.

Still in the context of this investigation, the Frenchman Max Louarn also found himself in court for suspicion of complicity with Team Xecuter. The Vaucluse, a former famous figure of the Warez scene of the 90s, was arrested during the summer of 2020 in Zanzibar, before seeing his home raided by the FBI in October of the same year. His trial, first scheduled for March 2021, was postponed to August, before being postponed again to January.

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