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Hackers undermine the security of Sony’s console

Several hackers, including one who works at Google, have already managed to slip through the cracks of the PS5’s safety net. What future for the console?

We approach slowly but surely the first anniversary of the PS5, the latest flagship of Sony Interactive Entertainment. For the occasion, some hackers have decided to update their latest advances on console cracking, which seems to be on the verge of success. Indeed, the famous group Fail0verflow, shared on Twitter a photo – incomprehensible to ordinary people – showing a series of numbers: root keys.

On paper, this in no way proves that the hacker group managed to find a clear flaw in the PS5’s security system, but it is a major breakthrough that tells us a bit more about how. this system works. It is also a matter that Sony will have to watch very closely since the group has already made itself known for having successfully hacked the PS3 and the PS4.

A Google engineer also on the spot

Fail0verflow isn’t the only one taking an interest in the PS5’s security system. Indeed, it seems that another person, much better placed in the hierarchy of hackers, has already managed to crack the console before the group. This is Andy Nguyen, who also calls himself “The Flow0”, and who is an engineer … from Google. More precisely, he works in the security department of the firm, which ultimately seems rather logical.

On Twitter, he posted an image showing that he had managed to go even further than the Fail0verflow group by completely cracking the console. On the image, we then see in the parameters a “Debug Settings” tab which allows the engineer to install all kinds of homebrew software, or even pirated games, which would delight many players and budding hackers.

Send an alert message to Sony

If these two findings have one thing in common, it’s that they can now help Sony figure out what’s wrong with its security system, which appears to be the target of many hackers around the world. Neither Fail0verflow nor Andy Nguyen provided their method of entering the console and that is not the point for them.

Indeed the engineer explained that he would not explain the procedure which allowed him to crack the PS5. Honorable intentions or a simple matter of money, the computer scientist did not want to say more about his choice. We do know, however, that in the past he has already been paid by Sony for having discovered two flaws in the PS4, which could have allowed the most dishonest to enjoy pirated games quite easily. A discovery which earned him a check for € 20,000.

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