Half-Life 3 reportedly not in development due to Steam Deck

Half-Life 3 would apparently not be ready to see the light of day due not only to a development not (yet) initiated, but also a desire by Valve to focus on the Steam Deck and titles able to make the most of it.

Sea serpent with a beard so pronounced white that some affectionately call him “old man”, Half-Life 3 feels good alone in a courtyard of fantasies where Shenmue III left him a few years ago. Earlier this year, Gabe Newell, big boss of Valve, had mentioned his desire not to talk about titles such as Portal 3 and Half-Life 3. Possibly so as not to start expectations too early among players.

If we could then allow ourselves to hope, at a minimum, that the title screen of Half-Life 3 is already coded, it seems that this development has not in fact started. Tyler McVicker, previously on Valve News Network (VNN), has indicated in a new video that the trend would not be optimistic on this subject.

“Citadel”, a title that would highlight the Steam Deck

“To answer the big question, is there a real sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two in development, in any capacity, at Valve Software?”, started Tyler. The videographer goes on to recall that the end of Half-Life: Alyx, released in March 2020 and only in VR, gave clues on the continuation of the adventure for Gordon Freeman. And we should obviously be content to look at these horizons for a while longer:

“The problem is, no, right now there isn’t a major development team working on anything other than the few software that are specifically geared to the hardware right now. ”

It will not have escaped observers that Valve is currently working on a certain Steam Deck, a project requiring such resources that it would be very complicated to split them:

“Valve is trying to release the Steam Deck, and as a lot of people have observed, the Steam Deck has been a lot more successful than expected, so Valve is putting a lot of effort into it.

Still according to Tyler McVicker, a title called “Citadel” and in development at Valve would aim to highlight the capabilities of the Steam Deck. Should we understand there that the desired power for Half-Life 3 would be much higher than that displayed by the machine? Somehow it’s reassuring to know that it won’t be a card game offered at the beast’s launch.

Source: VGC (transcript)

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