Half of PCVR players now use a Meta Quest 1&2 VR headset

Little by little, VR is leaving its niche market and is starting to become more democratic. On Steam, the latest figures published by Valve show that PCVR players have never been so numerous. In the month of January 2022, they were thus 3.4 million to play in VR (compared to one million players in January 2020). Admittedly, this represents “only” 2.14% of all players on Steam during this period, but Rome was not built in a day…

Oculus Quest 2

The big winner of this progression is none other than the Meta Quest 2, the Meta/Facebook VR headset being used by 46.02% of Steam VR players (+6.4%). If we add the part of the first Meta Quest of the name, the observation is clear: half of PCVR players now play in VR with a Meta Quest on their head! The progression of the Quest among PCVR players is of course at the expense of other platforms: the Valve Index is only used by 14.3% of PCVR players (-1.43%), the Oculus Rift S by 13 .10% of them (-1.67%), as for the HTC Vive, it has to settle for a small 7.3%. Windows VR headsets languish at 4.99% usage share (-0.70%).

As a reminder, the percentages below only concern the use of a headset connected to the PC. The vast majority of Meta Quest users use the headset in standalone mode and don’t even have a PC powerful enough to run big VR games. Analysts estimate that Meta sold between 8 and 10 million Meta Quest 2 over the year 2021.

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