Halo Infinite: campaign mode is finally back! (trailer)

At last ! Almost a year after the first presentation of a campaign mode which was especially illustrated by its many technical concerns (even if the “background” was devilishly interesting), Xbox finally gives us 6 minutes of the “revamped” campaign mode ofHalo Infinite, and it was worth the wait. Let’s be clear, the studio has not betrayed its goal of regaining a bit of the DA style of the very first Halo, as well as skirmish and wide open areas (the larger areas of the license according to the studio), but this time, this reinterpretation of the original style does not come with a rearguard technique. Halo Infinite is not a graphic slapstick, but the 6 minutes of gameplay broadcast reveal a title with a solid technique, very clean (no more pop-up textures), with nice lighting effects and a framerate a priori very stable (60 fps?).

Master Chief takes the blows (the damage is now visible on MC’s armor), the grappling hook and hammer do their job, and we note the arrival of new enemies, such as Skimmers (a kind of flying gremlins) or well again the slayer of Spartan Jega rdomnai. As for Cortana (sorry, “The Weapon” here), she has never looked so cute. We can also see the new menus and in particular the MC improvements sub-menu, which is quite impressive. The scenario is also a little more detailed: we learn that the Spartan John-117 (MC) is sent to the planet Zeta Halo in order to fight against the “Banned”. As for the skirmishes, varied and explosive, they make you want to take back the black and green controller. Roll on December 8!

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