Halo Infinite continues to disappoint with the cancellation of this game mode

The new FPS developer roadmap comes with its share of bad news for gamers.

Xbox’s most anticipated futuristic FPS gamer mode will never happen. After endless teasing and endless promises, the teams of Halo Infinite have resigned themselves to canceling an essential game mode. The co-op campaign via online multiplayer has already given 343 Industries teams a lot of problems. This is now slated for deployment on November 8 as part of the winter update, but local multiplayer fans will only have their eyes to cry.

Indeed, the split-screen co-op mode has just been purely and simply canceled by the teams in charge of Halo Infinite. It was in a video released alongside the new development roadmap that creative director Joseph Staten explained the controversial choice:

We had to make the difficult decision not to deliver the co-op campaign in split screen.

To this, Staten added that the reason behind this reasoning is to rehabilitate the studio’s resources for important new goals that will bring unique experiences that he cannot reveal yet. Split-screen cooperation is becoming less and less frequent, with the exception of certain titles which make it their standard bearer, such as It Takes Twoor even studios specialized in this kind of games like Nintendo.

In addition to this bad news, the players most impatient to discover new content will have to wait a long time since the game’s third season has been pushed back almost five months. We will have to wait until March 2023 to discover this new season, the content of which is detailed in the new roadmap. The 343 Industries teams seem overwhelmed but do their best to satisfy their community. It is nevertheless regrettable to note the many failures ofHalo Infinite while it was originally announced as a revolution for the license.

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