Halo Infinite unveils its solo mode in a surprise trailer

In-game images, gameplay sequences, cutscenes… Microsoft reveals everything about the Halo Infinite campaign.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a special broadcast to (finally) introduce the campaign mode for its upcoming game, Halo Infinite. Scheduled for 3 pm in France, the event has found its audience and has collected more than 30,000 views in just two hours. Finally, the broadcast consisted of a new trailer 6 minutes long in which we discover many, if not all, aspects of the solo mode ofHalo Infinite.

Friends or enemies?

So we start with the heart of the plot. Follow-up to the adventures of Master Chief in Halo 5, Cortana has vanished as humanity struggles to survive its extinction. While the role of Master Chief was precisely to ensure that this does not happen, the disappearance of his artificial intelligence is more than crippling. To compensate for his absence, Master Chief will be helped by another AI, called “The Weapon” – the weapon in French.

Microsoft tells us in the video that this is the biggest campaign of a Halo game. This is reflected in particular by the game environment which is gradually discovered through video. The open world is large, colorful and visually well done. 343 industries also promises us a lot of adventures on Zeta Halo.

Useful tools and weapons

To move around in this big world, the studio provides us with a large number of vehicles, air and land, which will help us in our quest. But also a variety of weapons available. Whether you prefer the nagging approach or the stealthy infiltration, all the keys are in your hands.

In addition, the video shows us a number of accessories and weapons that we can use, including a grapple, a shield, an enemy detector, a portable wall of protection, as well as several accessories for the thruster of Master Chief. .

Halo Infinite release date

As a reminder, Halo Infinite will be available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC starting December 8. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can already download the game upstream to be able to enjoy it on D-Day for free. Pre-orders are also open for everyone else.

So far Halo Infinite had made more people talk about it thanks to its multiplayer mode, which has been open to everyone since September 24 and which will operate on a well-thought-out season system. The campaign mode had remained very discreet, it had been almost a year since we had heard from Microsoft.

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