Has EA found the new name for FIFA?

FIFA will officially change its name. Yes, but to be called what? EA seems to have found the answer.

EA has been dithering about its franchise for several months Fifa, which should change its name by the next opus. Today, journalist Jeff Grubb claims that EA finally has a solid lead to replace him. He thus declares that the firm has given the green light for the name EA Sports Football Club, shortened to EA Sports FC for short.

It is in his own Grubbsnax show that he reveals the information. He explains : “I saw some trademarks, I thought it might just be a simple feature, like an online mode, but I inquired about it and that’s it, that’s the name of the game. They are ready to move on. We should have seen a trailer by now. We should hear about it very soon.

When will the change take place?

According to him, there is therefore no longer any doubt, FIFA 23 should be named EA Sports Football Club (23?)…unless EA finds a way to name yet another one from the federation. Indeed, in all likelihood, the agreement between FIFA and the studio should not end until after the next Football World Cup, ie next November.

Knowing that the games Fifa are released around September/October, and their promotional campaign begins before that, it seems unlikely that the name change will take place this year. It will nevertheless be effective from next year, whatever EA has chosen to replace the name of Fifa. Because yes, for the moment, these allegations have not been confirmed by the firm, which still keeps its projects secret.

FIFA will soon be just a memory

As a reminder, EA wishes to make this change, thus breaking a tradition of nearly 30 years, because the firm and the federation cannot agree on the financial terms of the contract binding them. Indeed, in view of the phenomenal success of the games, FIFA is claiming its share of the market and asking EA to double the price increase for the rental of the name, or 1 billion dollars per year.

For its part, EA has been conditioning players to this name change for several months, simply by evoking the fact that the games represent so much more than their name implies, and that they would like this diversity to be reflected through their designation.

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