Hauntify MR: the AR game for Oculus Quest 2 that will turn your home into a haunted house

Attention, terrifying game! Designed and developed by one person, Hauntify MR yet has the potential to be 10 times more taxing than Resident Evil VII (PSVR). This horrific title is played with headphones Oculus Quest 2 and takes advantage of AR APIs. Once launched (via the Sidequest) the game “scans” your interior (on a maximum surface of 500 × 500 meters and a height of 100 meters) so as to then project ghosts or appearances that fit perfectly into the configuration. home. Technology Passthrough of the Oculus Quest 2 only allows to display images in black and white, but this limitation contributes here even more to the climate of horror distilled throughout the game.

We will of course recommend this type of game only to the best hungry hearts. As for great beginners in VR, it will probably be better to start with a slightly quieter title …

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