have the Wii and DSi blinds closed for good?

Players have noticed that the Nintendo Wii and DSi shops have been inaccessible for several days. Did Nintendo disable them for good?

A few weeks ago, Nintendo had some sad news to announce to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners. Indeed, their respective blinds will be gradually deactivated and will no longer be usable by 2023. However, it seems that Nintendo has not entrusted all of its plans to its players. Some players on Wii and DSi have actually noticed that the blinds on these platforms have been inaccessible for several days.

For the moment, according to the information that the players have been able to gather, the shops have been completely deactivated since at least March 16. It has therefore been almost a week that all services related to the shop have been inaccessible. If you haven’t been able to buy games for a while now, those who would like to download games they’ve already purchased simply can’t.

However, Nintendo has not communicated anything about a possible permanent closure of these blinds, neither officially nor in a message intended for players personally. This is why this approach is all the more intriguing. It is therefore not known at the moment if this is due to general maintenance, or if Nintendo’s decision is irrevocable. We will have to wait for confirmation from the studio to be sure.

Nintendo platforms gradually deactivated

However, it is worth remembering that from May, certain features of the Wii U and 3DS stores will be deactivated, until the complete closure in March 2023. As a reminder, here are the deadlines announced by Nintendo :

  • May 23, 2022: Disabled using a credit card to fund your eShop accounts on Wii U or 3DS devices.
  • August 29, 2022: Disabled the use of eShop gift cards to credit your accounts on these same devices.
  • End of March 2023: deactivation of pre-existing download codes and inability to make purchases on console stores. Also unable to use money from your Nintendo Account to purchase Wii U or Nintendo 3DS content.

Knowing that these two systems are more recent than those which are today in trouble, it is quite possible that Nintendo decided voluntarily to close their blinds before proceeding to those of Wii U and 3DS. The problem here would therefore be the lack of communication from the studio.

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