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VPN applications are popular, but if their basic functions are known (security, anonymity), do you know that they are not limited to that?

We often hear about the risks of using the Internet. But how to avoid them? The best tools for doing this – and the easiest to use – are hands down VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) because they dramatically increase your online protection.

A quality VPN like NordVPN will create a secure tunnel to protect your browsing data from prying eyes. These contain, among other things, your bank details, so it is essential that no one can access them.

On the other hand, the VPN camouflages your IP address, so that no one can trace your identity and find out your location. And the combination of these processes protects you from data hacking and online spying. Of course, you will be 100% anonymous on the Internet and connected applications.


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If the elements mentioned are the basis of all VPNs, be aware that some go further. This is particularly the case with NordVPN. This renowned software displays more advanced security options, such as Double VPN, an option to pass your data through two VPN servers instead of just one, in order to increase your privacy.

And since we are talking about NordVPN, let us inform you that currently, this VPN is accessible at a low price. : its two-year subscription recorded a drop of -60%. Subscription to the package therefore goes from €175 to €69.36. The offer even includes an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN is also optimal when it comes to protecting user data. This provider has a strict no-logs policy (verified by independent audits). This means that it does not store any data about you or your online activity. You can therefore be sure that this data will not be transferred to third parties.

What You Might Not Know About VPNs

While VPNs are often used for online security, they have many other benefits. For example, do you know that with a VPN, you will be able to thwart all the geo-blocks present on slow. Indeed, by connecting to foreign servers of a PVN, your IP address will be modified, thus changing your virtual location.

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You will be able to unblock foreign Netflix catalogs, websites from other countries or even access your French services from abroad. And here too, NordVPN is ideal because it has more than 5,400 servers in almost 60 different countries. NordVPN will thus allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, but also to bypass government censorship (it is in particular a very good VPN for Russia).

It should be noted that the change of location also has other effects than access to restricted content: this will allow you to save money. This use of VPNs is little known, but no less interesting. Indeed, the services and websites you access show you prices conditioned by your country of residence. Thus, by locating elsewhere, you can hope to access lower rates, reserved for Internet users from other countries.

Finally, be aware that VPNs have other strings to their bow: some of them allow you to access the darknet under cover of their protection. This is particularly the case with NordVPN, which is one of the few to offer Onion Over VPN servers. These allow you to connect to the Tor network while being covered by the VPN.

And if NordVPN is so qualitative in all areas of VPN action, remember that at the moment, it is accessible at a bargain price. The cost price of the VPN drops to just €2.89 per month. The offer also includes 6 simultaneous connections for almost unlimited use since the NordVPN application adapts to all your devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV and connected box).

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