Having free cryptos is possible but you have to give your eyes in exchange

The company behind the cryptocurrency WorldCoin offers to give away some of its digital tokens for free, in exchange for a simple scan of the iris. An astonishing practice, which worries the defenders of personal data.

Cryptocurrencies fascinate. If they are not yet in everyone’s wallet, you would have to live in a cave to never have heard of Bitcoin. The problem (if there is one) with Bitcoin is that it is very expensive, almost € 60,000 per unit at the time of this writing. It is of course possible to buy fragments of cryptos, depending on the amount we are willing to put into this very volatile market.

But for those who want to limit financial risks as much as possible, there is Worldcoin. This cryptocurrency is indeed free: to receive it, all you need is a very small consideration, a scan of the retinal print of your eye. A very personal data that 130,000 people have already ceded to the company in charge of issuing this crypto. According to the company’s explanations, this scan is only used to create a unique user code, completely encrypted and undecodable. The images are then deleted.

A universal income test

Obviously, the skeptics were quick to step up to the plate in the face of this new crypto project which is undermining the personal data of thousands of people. They point to an obvious threat to privacy. In order to reassure those most worried, Worldcoin co-founder Alex Blania ensures that the project does not retain any image of the eyes photographed. These are only used to give a code to the user to connect to the platform. Nothing more. “If I had your unique code I couldn’t trace it back to you by any means” assures Blania.

At the moment, Worldcoin lives off its investors’ money. After a round of funding that brought it $ 25 million, it has just launched its scanning system, with nearly 130,000 participants already. The goal for Worldcoin is to become the first crypto to offer a universal income system. It would then be possible for users to receive a certain amount of money, every month, for free. Here again, the financial reliability of such a project is questioned by many and Worldcoin would be, even according to employees, “An uncertain project”.

Without significant support to finance its organization, the cryptocurrency Worldcoin could well collapse in the coming months, due to a lack of funds to maintain the architecture of virtual currency in place. Despite doubts about the viability of such a project, there is no shortage of ambitions for Blania and his associates. Objective: one billion users by the end of 2022, just that.

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